It had been a damn long time since Grace came across another human being, one that wasn’t groaning or biting or shuffling towards her to rip the flesh from her skin. She was slowly starting to grow lonely, in a sense, needing some kind of human interaction so her own mind would stop its frantic worry that she was the only one left; she was good, but not that good. It was clear to see she was in over her head, the area she was venturing into was new, and she was miles from her small town home, miles from what she longed to escape.

The brunette was on guard, eyes wide open, a loaded bow with her fingers on the string, ready to strike. Ready to kill. She was so on edge that she had picked up the other’s footsteps right away, they were solid, steady and even, nothing of a walkers. At first, she thought the being would fade away, that they were sounds of her imagination, but the further she traveled into the words, the more they followed. Grace stopped for a moment, and heard the other stop as well, and that’s when she whipped around, aiming her loaded bow.

“‘If you don’t quit followin’ me i’ll shove this arrow so far up your ass it comes out of your damn mouth. I ain’t got nothin’.” She snapped.


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    "I know." Grace muttered, nodding her head slightly. "It was the first place I went t’… over run, barricaded." Part of...
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    Once she mentioned that her brothers went to Atlanta, Jeff wanted to tell her that it was gone— Gone as in, overrun,...